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Press Release: Federal Reserve Staff Working Paper Misrepresents Savings and Benefits of Dollar Coin

FEDERAL RESERVE STAFF WORKING PAPER MISREPRESENTS SAVINGS AND BENEFITS OF DOLLAR COIN Fed Ignores Billions in Savings for Taxpayers to Protect Its Profits from the Dollar Note WASHINGTON, DC (December 12, 2013)– A Federal Reserve staff working paper, released today, falsely argues against the dollar coin as a common sense solution to the deficit – when in fact multiple reports show …

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Fed FactCheck: Federal Reserve Looks Out For Own Interests at Expense of Taxpayers

Click here to view our “Fed Fact Check: Federal Reserve Looks Out For Own Interests at Expense of Taxpayers.” The Federal Reserve released a staff working paper in an attempt to protect their own best interests and distract the public from the billions in available savings from modernizing U.S. currency from the dollar bill to the dollar coin. Last year, …

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Press Release: GAO Again Recommends Move to Dollar Coin

GAO AGAIN RECOMMENDS MOVE TO DOLLAR COIN Currency Modernization Estimated to Save Taxpayers Billions WASHINGTON – The Government Accountability Office (GAO), Congress’ own budget watchdog, released a new report last week again recommending that the U.S. modernize its currency from the dollar note to the dollar coin in order to save billions of dollars for taxpayers. The independent, non-partisan GAO has now recommended …

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